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More Than Grateful Clients Nations Wide

While maintaining a customer Database of over 55,000 customers around the world, Atlantic Investors Forum experts have been providing financing for the acquisition or refinance of stabilized and transitional businesses and portfolios across Middle East, North America, South America, Europe and Asia. We have given out more than $5 Trillion Dollars already. We have more than $3 Trillion to be given out to project owners this year.

We are committed to fostering long term relationships with our borrowers, brokers, and investors to offer a range of products to meet your financing needs through providing long-lasting financial solutions that help companies thrive and grow.

See how our financial products and services have created value for our customers in various fields.

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Al turaigi Civil Engineering Construction Company

Management of Atlantic Investors Forum are dedicated group of experts; they have successfully provides Al turaigi Civil Engineering Construction Company with timely, flexible financing solutions $2.8 Billion for the company’s construction developmental projects in Saudi Arabia. We are happy for the success and accomplishment wit long term business relationship.

Dove Equipment

Atlantic Investors Forum and Expert have teams up with Dove Equipment to finance their extensive North American dealer network. We are glad today, the business is done now.

Polar Power Ventures

For over five years, Atlantic Investors Forum and Expert have helped finance and guide development of the PPV Sentinel Energy Project.

Swan Distilleries

AIF have already partnered with Swan Distilleries and Partners to ensure a smooth fianncial transition, while financing the continued growth of their renowned brand.

High Bound Cargo Airlines

We love Atlantic Investors Forum and Expert for thier dedication and helps High Bound Airlines to expand their cargo business by quickly getting new planes in the sky.

Boll Books and Courses

While helping Boll Books and Courses recapitalize,Atlantic Investors Forum and Expert also helped them to gain efficiency in their production processes.

Stealth Health

AIF teams up with Stealth Health System to provide the latest in medical imaging and diagnostics to their patients.

V.K. David & Son

Atlantic Investors Forum has helps build V.K. David’s business through consumer & inventory financing.


With Atlantic Investors Forum and Expert   valuable insights on their dealer network, Danmann manages inventory in a way that mitigates risk and promotes healthy growth.


With project financing from Atlantic Investors Forum (AIF), SolarPower brings energy efficient solar power to public utility customers like Canton’s Lake County Sanitation District.

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